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Podere di Nonna Olga is about 3 hectare of land between the hills, where there are around 500 young and ancient olive trees.
 Ancient traditions, that have shared love and passion for the oil extra-virgin, are become today “Nonna Olga’s oil extra-virgin doc”.
“Nonna Olga’s olives are harvested by hand in the end of October when the fruit is still green or darkening in colour.
They are pressed immediately in order to preserve the aromas and the phenolic resins and also to keep the acidity as low as possible.
The yield is very small (less than half that obtained from olives harvested in December) and the quantity of olives harvested by a single worker is about one tenth of that which the machines can harvest in the same amount of time.
As the season progresses so do the hazards that the olives are exposed to and therefore the three week period in which we harvest the olives is a crucial time for us and our ““Nonna Olga” olive oil. In this time the proportion of green olives to darkening olives is absolutely ideal.
“Nonna Olga’s oils come from the first cold pressing, their process of filtration.
The cultivations together with the processes of transformation and maintenance happen in the rigorous respect of the healthiest traditions tuscan.
“Nonna Olga’s oil extra-virgin” is made up of a blend of five kind of olives: frantoio, leccio, moraiola, vignola pendolino, from these we produce olives oil that are fruity in both aroma and taste.
“Nonna Olga’s oil extra-virgin” is a little spicy and has low acidity which also help to preserve it for longer.
“Nonna Olga’s oil extra-virgin” has a mgnificient green colour sublimely soft fruity little number and a flavoursome yet discreet addition to any dish.
CLIENTS in November may help the owners to harvest by hand the olives tree, and participate the process of transformation in oil of food olive.

To make our marmalades we use only the very best fruit which is picked straight from our fruits tree; the fruits harvested between July and september.
It is in this period, in which the peel is firm but thin and the sweetness, the scent and the flavour of the fruit is at its perfect point of maturity. This period is naturally a time of great production with each marmalade being made according to the maturity of its fruit.
Not only are they delicious to eat but they are also beautifully presented and in their jars they retain the full flavour and natural colour of their fruit; something which we take great care not to alter during the cooking process.

The owners produces also red wine, unique traditional chianti that is made up of a blend of five kind of grapes: canaiolo, sangiovese, malvasia, trebbiano.
The cultivation of the wineyard is very small, just to satisfied the owners, but very great to taste!!!
CLIENTS in september may help the owners to harvest by hand the grapes, and participate the process of transformation in wine.